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Okay, since my last update I've made it through the fifth gym badge. I did all of the events in Castelia City, battled Burgh, then moved on to Route 4 and the Desert Resort. After completing those routes, I went to Nimbasa City and did everything I needed to do there before the Gym. Before taking on Elesa I went ahead and ground my team up to Lv 35 so I would struggle top much with her two flying type Emolga. After I beat her, I went on to Driftveil, defeated Team Plasma, and defeated Clay to earn my fifth gym badge. I went ahead and made my way through the end of Route 6 and saved at the entrance to Chargestone Cave. My team right now:

Phil / Lv39 / Tail Glow, Baton Pass, Brick Break, Hidden Power (Flying)
Claire / Lv39 / Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power (Ground)
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