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Kilik Chambers - Rocky Mountains & Caves

As the group was heading towards the sound of a Deino, Kilik was overhearing what Ruby was saying, especially about that Latias she mentioned. "Y-yeah, I saved her from an evil organization when they were chasing her, ever since then she never left." An evil organization, huh. That already sparks an interest in Kilik. Stopping an evil organization has suddenly become a new goal for him. Like there's any other evil organization out in this Academy right now, right? Anyway, Kilik continued his way to the sound of a Deino, still hearing over Ruby who mumbled something. Sounded like Team...Magma. Sounds sinister. What eveil organization could be out there now? "Anyways! What kind of pokemon are you looking for here?" Ruby continued. That was a stupid question. The cry of the Deino should've given her the answer. Speaking of Deino, Kilik, Ruby & Jack were getting closer to the source.

When they arrived, they found a Deino blasted to the ground by an Axew & Druddigon. Both Pokemon started laughing maniacally at Deino, who didnt look that beat up. Either way, they seemed like bullies, & Kilik stepped in front of the Deino. "I got this," he exclaimed, sending out Tentou to the battle. Deino noticed this & cried weirdly. Like Ash's Torkoal from the anime.

"Feel free to join in anytime now," Kilik pointed out to Ruby & Jack. He could use the help after all. After they save this Deino, maybe he'll want to come along with them.

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