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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

Ragnaros listened to Penance as their brother spew a chunkload of questions and information that would eventually become a plan. He smirked his red, furry eyebrows, thinking it'd be impossible to deal with all these Sentinels altogether, even if there was a revolution boiling in Albia and the army of the Alpha Alliance attacking the city. The watchtowers were still dangerous.

"To answer your question, Ragnaros," Hanso said, turning to him, "if memory's right, the army marches on Albia a week from the time of our meeting back in Eternity. If it hasn't been a week yet, then we may have some time to smooth out our plans."

The Salamence nodded his head and took his eyes from the Gallade, now fixing them onto Noctus who was unfolding a paper which appeared to be a map, and then another paper. The Cacturne was informing them of the existance of the sewers and how they were used by the thieves; a thought flashed in Ragnaros mind. How the heck am I going to get down there? I'm arguably the biggest here, and I'm afraid of these tunnels... he chuckled at his own thoughts. He wasn't afraid to face a Sentinel, but he was afraid of the underground caverns that could collapse on his head any time. Zane got him out of his thoughts by asking a crucial question: would they have company down there?

Noctus refused and stated a logical reason to why. The sewers were so vast, there was absolutly no danger. But what if Noctus crossed them right then? Ragnaros gave it some thought as Zane spoke again.

"I might be able to help out there." Zane said. "I've been to Albia quite a bit of times in my life. Albia's style is a lot different than Eternity City. There's almost no large or tall buildings, but instead many, smaller homes. Unlike Eternity, Albia is spread over a large area of land, substituting height for length. Going on rooftops might not be the best idea, though. Those four watchtowers around the city are the tallest buildings in Albia by far. They give them a 360 degree view of no just the city but the surrounding area as well. The sight of he buildings is dangerous, but the most deadly things about the watchtowers is the cannons on top of them. Upon each tower is positioned a Hyper Beam Cannon."

That did sound dangerous to Ragnaros, although avoiding the cannons would be relatively easy for him if he was in flight.

"We have to take them out before the army arrives, or they'll get annihilated."

Ragnaros frowned, despite agreeing with all this. His previous doubts about the thieves rose to the surface of his mind like giant Wailords.

'Now hold on just one second,' he said, louder than needed. He threw Noctus a hateful look. 'We already got double crossed by this thieving scum. Who tells us this so called Prince of theirs isn't an agent of doom?' Ragnaros could think of enough reasons of why they could trust him, but he wanted to make sure. He smirked again, now looking at the golden Bisharp.

'As for the sewer business, you know I can't go down there. I propose I wait for your signal behind the clouds - it's easier that way.'

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