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Vinnie Valentine

So the Rabbit Hole blew up just now, like someone stuck a wad of c4 in there and detonated a bunch of troll all over Ricardo's face. It was....pretty funny. And ironic how Ricardo hates word orgies (memos) yet starts one, just to have some guys fill it up with junk. Wait, they weren't added to the memo by Ricardo....can they message without being added? Well, it was hilarious regardless. But I'm too lazy to recite it now. I will however, tell of Vieve's message to me.
-- paintSplatter begins pestering bemyValentine --
PS: Hey, the server file just finished downloading
PS: Let’s do this.

-- paintSplatter ceased pestering bemyValentine --
BV: Yeah yeah. Heres the code: 86489236gdsjhbwkjbds836
BV: Lets switch.

Okay, thats not the real code. Jeez, I can't remember random letters and such exactly right. But still, thats pretty much how we swapped codes. Anywho~ Sburb client installed. Woo hoo! I got to watch the cool thing flipping and flopping and flicking and flapping and flying around again. That thing is mesmerizing. Tarzan music is so lame. So lame. Spyro music would have been cooler. But whatever. I hope everything is pretty much like Candice did, that way I can actually do this without a blindfold on.

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