Thread: Development: Adding New Moves to Gen 3
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I see. I'll just search for the table of battle scripts. I'll amend(sp?) with the offset and similar findings if I happen to find it.

So, once I've created my custom script, how do I go about using it in game? Do I need to repoint the effect table and add a new effect at the end for the new move? Or could I replace what looks like effect 214? Scratch that, I've figured it out.

EDIT: I have located the table of the 214(213?) different effects in Ruby. That offset is 0x1D6BBC.
The basic damage script seems to be located at 0x1D6F3A as well.

I've noticed that the basic damage script is completely identical between Ruby and Fire Red. The only difference is that pointer at the beginning.

Never thought I'd say this, but this is actually quite fun, searching for the bits and pieces that make up a game. But how do I know what I need to copy after the storebyte command? How would I create a 2-turn attack? Does the "first turn fly/bounce/dig/invincible" go before the part that does damage? Same with the high crit rate effect.
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