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Colress is also voiced by Sean Schemmel, compare it to his Cyrus, Kodai, SSJ4 Goku. Plus with this basically being a majority 4Kids cast, it makes sense and Dan Green hasn't been VA'ing since the life issues hitting, unless he went back to it recently. Also, Sean Schemmel via his fanclub on Facebook he confirmed doing voice work for this trailer. TVTropes also said that Dan Green was the Shadow Triad member. So, from what I can tell the cast list so far looks like this:

Kyohei = ?
N = Eric Stuart
Mei = Lisa Ortiz
Cheren = Jason Griffith
Shadow Triad = Dan Green (Not entirely sure about this one, I'll go with what TVTropes says for now.)
Hugh/Rival = Sean Schemmel
Colress = Sean Schemmel
Elesa = Sarah Natochenny
Bianca = Eileen Stevens
Pokémon = Same as Japanese version.
Plasma Grunt = ?
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