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Teruyoshi Mizushima
New Moon Festival - The Plateau

Teruyoshi watched as Tsurara-Sama took Seraphina-Sama from his and Makoto-Sans care. He gave prince a deep bow and rose only once he had departed. Seishin did the same. A frown crossed Teruyoshi’s face as he watched the departing silhouettes.
“I hope the girl and Seraphina-Sama recover soon….It would not do for such a joyous occasion to be turned into yet another reason for our family to grieve,” He turned to face Makoto-san as he spoke. “Well my friend, I’ve grown serious and sober after our efforts with the princess…neither of which are a state I wish to be in after such an…eventful….evening. I am going to search for another few drinks and then stumble to the docks to return to the island. Feel free to join me although I think by the look on your face you need to be elsewhere,” Teruyoshi’s eyes were fixed on the face of Makoto as he said this. He spotted the tell-tale signs of mild worry in his friends features.

After he and Makoto had said their goodbyes Teruyoshi and Seishin wandered back through the crowds towards the nearest food stalls. The panicked cries of earlier had been quickly replaced with laughter and cheering as the people of the families returned to their celebrating. The two reached the stall and Teruyoshi picked up the nearest bottle of Sake before they wandered back into the pulsing throng of people to find a relatively quiet area to sit, relax and reflect on the evenings events. Both remained silent throughout trapped in private thought.