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I've know this has been asked dozens upon dozens of times, but what Pokemon do you consider to be most annoying when found wild?

For me I'd say the Bronzor line. When I first saw a Bronzor (I took a break from Pokemon between the 3rd and 4th generations, so by the time I got Pearl I only knew the starters and their evo lines, due to a poster) I immediately thought "What's that? A metallic coin? Cool!" Then I was sort of amazed at how hard it was to faint one of those things. Seriously, they have a good defense, and their typing is one of the best possible in the game (Not to mention that due to their ability, they only have one weakness, which is either Fire or Ground) Not to mention that they have a moveset as annoying as Zubat's, except that not only do they confuse you, they can also put your Pokemon to sleep. As said above, I knew nothing about Gen IV's mons, so try to guess my surprise when I saw these "Indestructible metallic coins" had an evolved form. Not to mention that aside from status moves, decent typing, good abilities, and strong defenses, these things can learn Block, which is pretty much another version of Mean Look. Thankfully, Bronzong and Bronzor are only found at very few places, such as Mt. Coronet, so they shouldn't prove themselves to be much trouble for players. Your opinions?
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