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Renato Vincitore
TM Store, Oak Town

Renato nodded a little too quickly. “Oh, uh yeah. I guess so.”

In all honesty though, he was surprised. He was actually talking to another person! This was amazing, no phenomenal! Out of all the possible people Haru chose to talk to, Haru chose him! Renato couldn’t help but let a small smile touch his lips. If he could make some more friends, maybe it wouldn’t just be him and Gemini anymore. Maybe, just maybe, he could become more sociable, possibly even gain a group of friends! Of course, video games and reading will still be important, too. Nothing could replace those. Upon the thought of his precious books, his hand habitually moved to his side, where he had a copy of his favorite book, The Count of Monte Cristo, in a leather carrying case.

‘All that’s left now is to get a girlfriend…yeah, no. Probably shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself.’

Gemini laughed at both of Void and Torch’s statements, before looking over to watch Renato talk with Haru.

Turning back to the other two Pokemon, Gemini sighed in disbelief. “Can you believe Renato? He’s so freaking shy! I honestly wish he would get out more. You know, go to parties and stuff. And preferably take me with him. Ah, well. What can you do, right?”
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