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Originally Posted by Satycorn89 View Post
I see. What about Growlithe/Arcanine then?
Also, can I do this: Transfer the wanted Pokemon from LeafGreen to my cousin who has completed the Elite Four, then she sends them to me? Or do I have to complete the Elite Four as well to trade with my cousin (she has a DS Lite)?
If not, do you think I should choose Chimchar if the fire pokemon mentioned above are not available anytime soon in Pearl?
Chimchar, is an alright choice, but I think that another fire Pokemon would be a lot better. I'm not sure, when you get magby, but magby is a great addition. If you do choose Chimchar, then make your grass Pokemon, Roserade.

And to tell the truth I am not sure about the Trading stuff

Originally Posted by Trixy View Post
The person who suggested Houndoom to you must have had Platinum. You cannot get Houndoom on Pearl until after you defeat the Elite 4 and get a Pokeradar.
You also can't transfer Pokemon from your LeafGreen until really late in the game.
Oh. I didn't know that since I did have platinum.

None, Yet :D