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I know, i'm just saying that this computer cant run emulators and White is the only game I have the physical copy of, silly =P

My First Update
I started by choosing Oshawott as my starter <3 and then beating Bianca and Cheren by spamming tackle ;D

I leveled up to level 7 on route 1 and caught a patrat and a Lillipup. I got a potion from some random lady on route 1 and was all like thanks =D (insert random rambling here) and then went to get my pokemon healed up at the pokecenter in accumala town, but instead of being able to just go, heal up, and leave, I have to listen to Juniper go on and on about pokecenters, blah, blah, blah, and then I had to go through the N cut scene which although is kinda in the theme of the challenge, is still annoying.

I beat N with Oshawott alone and he leveled up to level 8, woot! I'll take that 700 whatever currency that is =P, and go now! I found it kidna weird to talk to N when my character's name is N O_O

Well that's it for this update, have fun guys!
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