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My definition of a 'Trainer Fiction' is- "A fiction that follows the basic fundemental principle of the Pokemon handheld version games and the Anime Pokemon show."

With that being said, If the character main goal is to become a pokemon champion or become the strongest pokemon trainer in the world then it is indeed a trainer fic.

It's all about the goal. Just because the main character has a generic starter pokemon doesn't mean it should be classifed as a trainer fic. I find it peculiar that people tend to use stater pokemon as a premise to trainer. Not all pokemon trainers have to have a starter pokemon. If that was the case then everybody would be fighting with blah blah.

I find it a bit irritating when an author uses a Pokemon professor just for the sole purpose of giving out a starter pokemon to hordes of people.

The children lined the halls of Professor X's Lab to pick up and choose their very own first pokemon.
Sorry, I went a little off topic.
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