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I'll take it on Black, but probably won't finish, don't want to delete my savegame. Also need it for trades. So I'll attempt to do it in about two days, XD.

Character Name : N
Pokmon to keep : None! But will release after I have a new pokemon.
Game : Black
Ultmate : What's that?

Update 1
Chose boy named N. Chose Snivy. Beat Bianca. Beat Cheren. Went to Route 1. Caught Lillipup Level Four. Caught Patrat Level Four. Ground Snivy to Level Nine. Ground Lillipup to Level Eight. Ground Patrat to Level SIx. Went to Accumala Town. Bought Five PokeBalls. Beat Other N. Ground Patrat to Level Seven. Went to Route Two. Ground Patrat to Level Eight. Beat Route Two Trainers. Ground Lillipup to Level Nine. Ground Patrat to Level Nine. Beat Bianca. Went to Striaton City. Wen to the Dreamyard. Beat Dreamyard Trainers. Ground Snivy, Lillipup and Patrat to Level Ten. Recieved Panpour Level Ten. Went to Striaton City. Beat Cheren. Ground Snivy to Level Eleven. Went to Striaton Gym. Beat Gym Trainers. Ground Lillipup to Level Eleven. Beat Chili. Ground Panpour to Level Eleven. Caught Purrloin Level Five, and released old Pokemon.

Team after Striaton City Gym :
Patrat Level Ten
Panpour Level Eleven
Water Gun
Snivy Level Eleven
Vine Whip
Lillipup Level Eleven
Odor Sleuth
All released.

Team after Striaton City Gym :
Purrloin Level Five
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