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Quote originally posted by shubshub:
Have you ever thought that Maybe the Pokemon get stronger in the new regions derp You guys never seem to Notice the Obvious
I'm not sure where you're getting this from at all.

Quote originally posted by greenmoon1996:
Never a good idea to run a show with the same main character.
Uh, The Simpsons has aired for quite a while with the same characters. And Family Guy. And Spongebob. And a lot of other TV shows.

Quote originally posted by AshleyKetchum:
Maybe because he is still only 10 derp
Age has little to do with battling prowess, in my opinion. It's more about experience, and clearly Ash has a lot. He did beat Drake in the Orange Islands and conquered Kanto's Battle Frontier when he was (is?) ten. Those are accomplishments older people have not been able to do, such as Reggie.
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