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Quote originally posted by Fire Flyy:
Cool team, if you want to evolve Pikachu well Lass Dana on Route 39 gives Thunderstones occasionally if you have her number registered. Also I think using a Fighting-Type like Machoke or Hitmontop would be cool since Dark Types and RocK Types might be annoying for the team to face. Also Rain Dance is sort of un-needed on Pikachu if you don't have Thunder, maybe look into Slam or Double Team.
Thanks, I do in fact have a thunderstone from Lass Dana already, I'm actually waiting for Thunder @ 41 then using it and thus Rain Dance becomes useful.

If I used Hitmontop or Machoke, do you have suggestions on the movesets? I've only used Machoke once back in the day. I typically went with Heracross or Poliwrath if I had a fighter at all.