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Gracie tugged on the tail and a startled "Sen?!" was heard.
"Sweet! Good job Gracie!" James said proudly as the sentret hopped out of the bushes to face Gracie, who had moved back to James' feet.
"Cynda!" she was getting excited and the flames on her back sparked and rose up, shining brightly.
"Good thing Elm told me your moves when I got you," James grinned, "Alright Gracie, ember!" he ordered and his cyndaquil immediately obeyed, letting loose a spray of fire. The sentret managed to dodge most of it but a few stray sparks managed to hit their mark, making him flinch.
*For being such a typically timid pokemon, this one certainly is brave,* James thought as the sentret tackled into Gracie, sending her skidding back. "Gracie, ember!" he ordered again and this time each flame hit it's mark, knocking the sentret into a tree.
It shakily stood and barreled towards Gracie again, who dodged it, but the sentret kept going and accidentally rammed into James, knocking his legs out from under him, sending him sprawling to the ground. "Ember, one last time!" James said as he shakily got to his feet and watched as about half of the flames made contact with the sentret and he could tell that the poor pokemon wouldn't be able to take much more.
He grabbed an empty pokeball from his pocket and clicked the button, enlarging it, "Alright, pokeball, go!" he cried and threw the red and white sphere, hitting the sentret's head with it. The normal type disappeared in a flash of red light and he waited for it to shake...
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