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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
See, now that everybody's talked about how emotional the third one is, I don't know if I'd find it emotional. There's been too much build-up, you've set my expectations for teariness too high and now I'm not confident it can compete with them.

Anyway I haven't seen LOTR either, and I've only seen Star Wars Episode 1 and Episode 5. I didn't see the big deal about Episode 5, but Episode 1 lived up to every word said about it. Every terrible, hilarious word.
I didn't get that teary-eyed. It's a Toy Story movie. What unfortunate event looks like is about to happen, is so clearly not going to happen. XD

But, Up? Up gets me. Every single damn time.

And wow... what a range there. You saw the best and worst of the Star Wars flicks. I love V. It is amazing. However, it does not stand on its own. I don't think you can appreciate it without having seen IV first