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Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
That. and will there be walking animations? (I doubt it.)
I'm working on the standard standing animations for now. Once they're done (or once I'm sick to death of them) I'll probably move on to do side sprites, and eventually animations may be possible.

Quote originally posted by cmbeke:
How do you want resizing done? I got hg/ss overworld sprites from and the treeco that is included is exactly the same size with some minor changes, but no extra space around it. Do you want the sprite resized so the sprite just fits within 16x16 box or do you want the whole image proportionality changed. You don't want it proportionality changed - just cropped right?
Although it would be nice to have the sprites resized in proportion to each other, it just isn't possible, as they would be too small. So if it fits into 16x16, leave it as it is. But don't crop, resize. Cropping as in removing a few pixels from a leg or something looks horrible. Also, the HG/SS sprites have 2 animations - left foot forward, and right foot forward. The two need combining to make the sprite just standing still, as I will be doing walking animations sometime in the future.

Quote originally posted by tajaros:
This is really helpful for hackers out there, but maybe instead of just Pokemon OW's maybe you should include the Human/Trainer OW's...

Well anyway good luck with this I might help you if I had some free time...
If you look in the original post, I said that I was doing Pokemon for now, but I will move on to include Trainers and NPC's at a later date.