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I got some games on my mind but some of them really disappoint me.

#1 Definately is Simcity 2013, the revival of this franchise is crucial. However, up till now, I am really disappointed by the game's contents and's just horrible. But I'll try it anyway, I pirate games anyway <_<.

Command and Conquer 2 Generals comes second. I found the original Generals PERFECT. However, the fact that the new game has been tweaked to include futuristic themes makes it horrible for me...another disappointment. They also announced that it's gonna be FREE TO PLAY. Which Worries me A LOT. For a game to be free to play, this means that they will give you a primitive empty game for free, then force you to pay excessively for low quality contents to come. Same thing happened with Microsoft Flight, and the game failed horribly.

Pokemon B2/W2 is definitely my most awaited game. Pokemon games never disappoint me, they just keep getting better and better. Thank god we are gifted with great developers like those.

At last, I have to honor GTA V to my most anticipated list. The GTA franchise is simply a MUST-TO-PLAY.
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