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You're still trying to apply game logic to reality, when the thread is about putting Pokemon battles into reality!
And no, I don't think you know anything about animals if you think that a dog is sturdier than a wolf. A domesticated dog has a much weaker bite force than a wolf, a domesticated dog doesn't spend time hunting large animals, fighting other wolves, chasing prey, and killing prey. A domesticated dog would always be an underdog against a wolf.(No pun intended- okay screw that, I meant that pun. Facepalm your face out.)
But as reality is; sometimes if the underdog has enough spirit, enough of a will, and enough determination, they can win.
After all: Mind over matter.

You keep contradicting yourself, you know, by stating that Pokemon battles would be like the anime, but then saying that a Pikachu will never beat a Dragonite because it's not possible in the games.

I didn't say that I would get rid of its weakness, I'd say that I'd help it resist it. What's so immature about training your Pokemon to be sturdier and overcome their weakness? If anything, you're being immature about this whole thing.

Yes, I know it's your thread, but these rules are pretty ridiculous.
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