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Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
Would be nice, but would be better if you had some sort of online stat server which would show everyone's achievements. This way, players can brag/discuss/compete for their achievements. Otherwise, it isn't really necessary. At least, that's my opinion on how something like that would work.
I see them as a nice little thing that keep people wanting to progress and get more, and iunno...they're just really fun to have and collect. You're "online stat server" is a good idea, but it seems like it should be implemented as a last, and side project, since I have many other pressing matters to attend to.

Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
Good idea! More things to do in a game makes it that much more playable!
yes! I love sidequests/quests I have a few quests in mind already~

Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
That'd be so awesome! It'd add a degree of customization to the game, and players would, like I said before, be more inclined to complete the game to unlock new outfits. Please, do this if you can get someone to help you on it!
I will definitely try, unlike other ideas I have, I'm almost lost as to implementing them...

Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
Well, I'd love to help you, but I already have 2 games I'm working on simultaneously. I might be able to help out if I get some free hands. I'll stay tuned to this project.
thanks for the interest! if you need help I wouldnt mind helping with spriting, or even possibly, some tilesets (I doubt I could really help, haha, i'm kinda good at "ripping" [if I understand what it is...]) but yeah, if you need some help I wouldnt mind seeing if I have the skills you need!
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