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Quote originally posted by Musketeer:
Would be nice, but would be better if you had some sort of online stat server which would show everyone's achievements. This way, players can brag/discuss/compete for their achievements. Otherwise, it isn't really necessary. At least, that's my opinion on how something like that would work.
I see them as a nice little thing that keep people wanting to progress and get more, and iunno...they're just really fun to have and collect. You're "online stat server" is a good idea, but it seems like it should be implemented as a last, and side project, since I have many other pressing matters to attend to.

Quote originally posted by Musketeer:
Good idea! More things to do in a game makes it that much more playable!
yes! I love sidequests/quests I have a few quests in mind already~

Quote originally posted by Musketeer:
That'd be so awesome! It'd add a degree of customization to the game, and players would, like I said before, be more inclined to complete the game to unlock new outfits. Please, do this if you can get someone to help you on it!
I will definitely try, unlike other ideas I have, I'm almost lost as to implementing them...

Quote originally posted by Musketeer:
Well, I'd love to help you, but I already have 2 games I'm working on simultaneously. I might be able to help out if I get some free hands. I'll stay tuned to this project.
thanks for the interest! if you need help I wouldnt mind helping with spriting, or even possibly, some tilesets (I doubt I could really help, haha, i'm kinda good at "ripping" [if I understand what it is...]) but yeah, if you need some help I wouldnt mind seeing if I have the skills you need!
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