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I want to be a chef. Not too good at making meals.

My grandma is teaching me to cook Mexican meals. I managed to prepare Menudo with a few simple mistakes. Not Enough Salt, or Hot Chilies. I can also make other simple stuff, huevos rancheros, steak (as in carne asada), quesadillas and enchiladas.

Like a cat, I love sea food. I tend to prepare a lot of it, peel shrimp, open oysters/muscles/clams. I also learned how to properly clean - take out ink - and properly cook Squid (became my favorite sea food ingredient)

Currently I'm learning how to prepare Japanese dishes - such as Sushi, Dango, and Yakisoba. I'm terrible at it. First I have to learn how to prepare, clean, and cook the rice.

To answer the questions:

Do you know how to cook? - For certain meals yes, I'm still learning
Or do your parents cook your meals for you? - Most of the time my grandma cooks, most of my family doesn't know how to cook either. My uncle and mom add too much salt.
Can you make extravagant dishes? - not yet, I'm learning
Do you know how to bake? - Yes, most of the seafood I prepare is baked - if I cook on the stove I use too much oil
What are some of your favourite foods to make? - Squid stuffed with Seafood mix (oysters, shrimp, muscles, clam, octopus and salmon)
Are you a good cook? - NO, I'm always improving by learning from my mistakes
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