Thread: B/W: Reshiram or Zekrom
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Added a poll, by the way! n_n I feel like these threads need polls (also, since it concerns just the mascots, the weekly poll rule doesn't apply for anyone wanting to remake old weekly poll threads... in case anybody was thinking deeply about this lmao).

Zekrom for me! I love its design, despite the fact that the Kyurem forme of Reshiram is my avatar BUT NEVERTHELESS THAT DOES NOT COUNT HERE! Zekrom actually has a pretty awesome design and I like the attack animations ESPECIALLY FOR FUSION BOLT it is amazing <333

Althoughhhh in a battle, Reshiram would unfortunately win because it can make full use of Draco Meteor while Zekrom cannot. ;__;

Zekrom was also a great companion in White for me. :3 Everyone should go get a Zekrom on me tbh.

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