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Two Partner Pokemon: Orange the Sandshrew & Bronzong the Bronzong <3
Reason for joining: Tonnes of my favourite Pokémon are included in this club so it'd be a shame if I didn't!

I'll answer one topic now and the others later :)

What's your favorite Sand Pokemon?
Anyone that knows me will know the answer to this. Sandshrew! <3 It's so cute and tough and powerful and cool and literally everything that you need in a good Pokémon. It's robust, versatile, it has a wonderful design and just everything about it is either cool or insanely cute. It can pack a surprising punch with Swords Dance and Poison Jab, as well as evolving into what can be a real powerhouse of a Pokémon, Sandslash. It's eyes are the more adorable ever and its little paws and tale can't help making me smile <3 It has always been my favourite Pokemon and, other than potentially Bronzong, it always will be <3 Literally the only thing I don't love about Sandshrew is its shiny form since green is icky, but Sandslash's lovely colours more than make up for this :)

Also just curious but should Darumaka and Scraggy be included since they're both desert dwelling Pokémon? o3o