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Welcome, DiamondBlueMoon! Adding you onto the Ravenclaw list now. Feel free to join in the discussion :D

Quote originally posted by GolurkIsDaBomb:
I was wondering, anyone ever been to Harry Potter World? Mmm butterbeer...
No, I haven't been myself - but my sister went when she went to America last year and she brought me back a ton of awesome stuff. I got a huge chocolate frog, a Marauders Map, a Time-Turner keyring, McGonagall's wand, and tons of other stuff!

I'll take a picture of it all some time, I can't be bothered right now

I also went to the Harry Potter Exhibition back in November when it was in Sydney, that was awesome. I think the most trippy part of the entire experience was seeing the outfit Harry wore when he faced Voldemort in The Philosopher's Stone. I don't think anybody appreciates just how truly tiny that boy was until they see that thing lol.

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