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Salias Grey
Aboard the S.S. Libra

After getting settled in his room Salias grinned at his two pokemon. "Looks like our adventure really has begun. I bet there are all kinds of things to do on this ship, maybe even some fun for you two as well!" He returned his team to their respective pokeballs and put them into his hoodie pocket before exiting the room and heading towards the main lobby of the ship. He remembered an announcement about being able to get information on everything going on with the ship there, so naturally it seemed like a good place to start. The ship was bustling with people, girls and boys running back and forth to go to the pool or perhaps lay out in the sun and just relax, couples dressed up in their finest attire ready to enjoy a luxurious meal together, as well as various staff members going to and fro, busy with work. "So many different people, and any of them could be a pokemon trainer." Salias Arrived in the main lobby and headed for the front counter. He was greeted by the nurse attending the pokemon center desk and the woman working beside her at the pokemart.

"Hello. I am here to find out what there is to do here...or maybe what there isn't to do, the ship is so large maybe that list will be shorter." he said with a chuckle. "Well first things first, here is your super rod. You can use it to fish while aboard the ship, complementary of course." the clerk told him as she handed it over. "Wow thanks!" Salias replied. After a few minutes he left the counter with more information and brochures than he could need. The shops all sounded interesting, that is until Salias reached into his pocket and was reminded that he didn't have any money. He gave a soft sigh and made off for the side deck to make use of his free super rod.

The were several fisherman lined up along the side of the boat, all of their lines draping down in almost uniform fashion until vanishing from sight closer to the water. Salias ran over to the edge and saw all of the little bobbers floating calmly in the surf like little colorful seeds in the cast blue of the sea. Salias smiled and tried to wedge his way into a small spot between two larger fisherman, but they easily blocked his efforts and just chuckled at him. He frowned a bit as he wandered up and down the line searching for a place to fish from when he noticed a boy about his age with an open seat next to him. "At least he will have a little trouble if he wants to push me away, we are about the same size." Salias walked over and took the seat as he placed his rod between his legs and fumbled with the tackle.

"Hey, I'm Salias. I'm also new to this fishing thing, seems like you know what you are doing though." he said to the boy. "What do you think of this ship? Its massive, I haven't seen a ship like this ever, let alone be a passenger of one." Salias finally managed to get the rod set and stood up in preparation to cast. He turned to the boy he was speaking to and smiled warmly. "HERE WE GO!" he shouted as he flung the rod over his head with both hands using all of his might. The line wizzed as the bait and bobber went flying through the air. "Seems like I did ok." he said. "So whats your name?", but before the boy could reply Salias was tugged forward by his rod...and then backwards...and then it seemed like his line was pulling his around the deck in circles...confused, he looked at the end of his rod at saw that the line was still trailing off into the air. He struggled to reel in the tangled mess of fishing line, as well as staying relatively in the same place on the deck as people scattered out of the way.

Angry chirping could be heard overhead and the laughter and crowd had grown around his immediate area. There was a small Swablu bundled up in fishing line slowly spiraling towards the deck. "Been fishing for nearly 10 years an thats the first bird I ever seen caught with a hook! HAR HAR!" Several of the fisherman stared and jeered as Salias brought the bird down to the deck of the ship. Though it was tangled it was far from trapped and the Swablu flew at Salias with alarming speed hitting him in the stomach twice and then again in the shoulder. Salias tried to grab for one of his pokeballs, but everytime he let a hand go from the rod the pokemon moved even faster with its quick attack. He turned to look over his shoulder at the boy who was fishing by him, "HEY YOU, HELP ME OUT THIS THING IS TOO FAST. MY POKEBALLS ARE IN MY POCKET, HURRY AND TOSS ONE!"
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