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Dominic was amazed at how Pikachu's and Nidoran's attacks seemed to bounce off without any effort from the Grass Pokémon. Dominic knew he would have to train longer and harder. The Plant Pokémon soon used absorb on Pikachu which seemed to get the little electric Pokémon ticked off. Without any orders from Dominic, Pikachu rushed forward. At first Dominic thought it was a Quick Attack yet soon electricity seemed to come from Pikachu and it turned into a Volt Tackle. Dominic was amazed at how Pikachu learned and the move yet a little disappointed he didn't command it.

With all that power that Pikachu stored, it seemed like he lost control of it because even though the Volt Tackle was a direct hit, the recoil got to Pikachu and he collapsed onto the ground. Dominic looked at the girl and saw how she was awe-struck he would take this as his chance. He rushed over to Pikachu and picked him up and then brought him back to the sidelines for safety. He then quickly commanded Nidoran.

"Nidoran use Double Hit", Dominic shouted, "On the Bulbasaur". Nidoran gained some speed and then jumped in the air, and then he came crashing down on the Bulbasaur not hitting him once but twice. The Bulbasaur was know K.O.'ed and it was only Nidoran and Pidgey. "Your turn now", Dominic shouted across the stage.