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Quote originally posted by Razor Leaf:
I... honestly totally support the Lerroux guest appearance, haha. I don't know how it could be implemented and I know no-one would fall for it this time around but it'd be cool to just bring him back for a bit - even if he's just used as a staff dupe account for a single event.
Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
Minecraft building competition and the winner becomes an admin.

Also a guest appearance by Lerroux.
a sky full of lighters ☆ says (1:36 AM)
i kind of just had an idea from that
Harry lol says (1:36 AM)
a sky full of lighters ☆ says (1:36 AM)
a put on your best lerroux voices event
try to sound/act like lerroux
and record it
Harry lol says (1:36 AM)
thats amazing
a sky full of lighters ☆ says (1:36 AM)
shall i post???
Harry lol says (1:37 AM)
post this log
for excellent clarification!!!
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