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It is reasonable to have a pokemon centre to have facilities to treat humans. I mean, if you're travelling in the wild, there is a high chance for your pokemon to be injured as well as you. After all, the wild is (I apologise for a lack of a better word) wild, who knows when an urasaring is going to jump out from behind a tree and maul you.

This makes having hospitals null though, doesn't it? So, what I like to do is just give a pokemon centre enough facilities to keep you alive for a while and treat minor injuries but, getting surgery and stuff would happen in a hospital.
My Nurse Joy story is about a Joy getting her first Pokecenter. She treats pokemon and humans. In my mind you would go to her for anything pokemon related. Like you had your head set on fire by a Charmander or was bitten by an Ekans. As opposed to burning yourself on the stove or common illness. Basically any Pokemon related injuries would be treated by a Joy and also basic first aid.

I wasn't actually thinking of having items working on humans in either of my stories, it was actually one of those middle of the night thoughts. I was hoping to get a discussion going since it seemed pretty neat to think about. Though it would be nice to beat up my OT and have a magical fix but I really don't think that would go over very well.

Pokemon physiology is a lot more complex than humans. For one, they can control a certain type or element, which I bet gives them a stronger immune system and a stronger method of repairing damage done to their bodies.
I picture items working by basically pushing the body into hyper drive, to quickly repair damage. Side effects would be pretty interesting to think about. How would a trainer's body react to potion or such, if made for a stronger body? (I can't get the wording quite right, let me know if that sentence was clear as mud)

In any case, I don't think it's believable to have Super Potions heal bones, because bones don't exactly work that way. They're internal, so a spray won't do much. However, Potions can do wonders on sprays and bruises, so that makes sense to me. I suppose Super Potions don't make much of a big difference in my eyes.
I keep forgetting that Potions are sprays. I look at the word "potion" and automatically think drink. That's where the bone thought came from, you would drink the Super Potion and it would knit the offending bone back together. Not painlessly, I suspect that it would hurt alot and the bone would have to already be set or else it will heal wrong and have to be rebroken.
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