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Having snow in August is - well - odd.

Other than that, it's a nice idea, but let's be honest...the day/night system did a good job with assigning Pokémon as well. I still think Pokémon based on time of day is a nice idea. I think the reason it got left out and seasons added instead is specifically because kids are in school during the day, doing homework in the afternoon, and not playing until evening; in Johto, this meant catching lots of Hoothoot and little else outside of caves (in National Park, it was 100% after 8 p.m., in fact). This kind of thing and wanting to introduce the new Pokémon likely led to the introduction of seasons.

The only thing I wish is that they made sense; make all items accessible only in a certain season optional items (like a Star Piece, or a Nugget, or a bonus Exp. Share/Lucky Egg that is separate from the one given in the storyline) and resume the every three months idea, making sure all Pokémon can be found at all times somehow. Even bring back an old expired item (Exp. All anyone?) and put it in a very out of the way part of the overworld and hard to locate, and only available post-E4 and in winter, for instance. The problem with the three months idea, of course, is that some have summer while some have winter at the same time (winter in June anyone?), hence the months thing...and I guess you can say I hate how seasons got incorporated.

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