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Name: Ellsworth Jimmerson
Age: 17
Sex: Male, but possibly Canadian...

His hair is of short and of a deep black. His skin color is of a pale-ish white, and his build is nothing close to awesome, as his muscles just recently began to grow.

A small beard just began growing in his face, but it is not noticeable unless you stand at less than 1cm of him, which will most likely end up in him punching you...

His height and weight are of little more than five and a half feet and around a hundred and forty pounds, respectively. His normal outfit consists of a black T-shirt, with a Red Jacket over it, a pair of denim jeans, black racer-like gloves, and a pair of white sneakers. He usually changes the red jacket for and black shirt for a gray shirt with red, long sleeves and a Poocyena as its logo. He wears a black belt with six slots for Pokeballs, and he's always carrying a small, black bag, which can keep a handful of items inside, in exchange for rarely being able to found them later... He also usually wears a red cap, but that's only when the sun around is too hot.

Unbeknownst to him and his sky-high self-esteem, he's got quite a handful of defects. First, he’s quite stubborn kind of person, and thus he will never, ever, accept his mistakes, even if they’re huge. He’s also what you may call... bipolar, and thus he'll be happy one second and furious as a Vigoroth in the next one. He hates taking advice or help from someone else, and thus, he’ll do everything he can on his own, unless he really needs help, but even then, he would never admit he’s in need.

Despite all these things, he still cares deeply for other people and for Pokémon. Therefore he’ll do everything for them, even if it requires risking his life. Ellsworth also has a thing for rare Pokémon, which is always making him search in the weirdest of places for Pokémon.

Ellsworth grew up in Saffron City, capital of the Kanto region. He is the son of Maxwell and Elaine Jimmerson, a wealthy couple that moved to Kanto from their hometown of Vientown in the region of Almia upon getting news that they'll be father and mother.

Upon arriving in Saffron, Maxwell became a worker in Silph Co., while Elaine became a clerk in the local Pokemart. It is because of Maxwell quickly ascending in position that they soon became rich, and they could finally afford a good life for them.

They purchased a spacious apartment where they settled. When their son was born, they were just happy as could be. Their son demonstrated great skills when it came to learn about Pokemon, be it type match-ups or evolutionary lines. Ellsworth also proved to be quite an adventurous person, always going out to the wild whenever he had a chance, his parents always ended grounding him for this...

His curious spirit wasn't quelled, however, as he was always hoping to journey across the Kanto region. When he became seventeen, he was already self-dependant, and had been saving up money from his job at the Pokemart in which his mother quitted shortly after he was born. When he had saved enough money, his parents decided to (finally) let him journey around Kanto. He had already lost interest in this, however, as he had something different in mind...

Upon explaining his fathers he wanted to travel to another region, they allowed him to do so, after a harsh discussion between the three, of course.

His fathers gave him some money, and he went to Vemilion City, where he purchased a ticket to a ship that will take him to another region, whose name Ellsworth didn't told his parents in order to not worry them...


Password: sUp762
Starter Pokémon: Slugma

Ellsworth's Team of Freaks:


Conchita (F)
Quite joyful, always happy no matter how much Ellsworth insults her. A battler that frequents the use of Rock Throw over any other move.

Level 13. Flame Body. Ember, Rock Throw, Electroweb, Smog.


Paco the Birdy (M)
Excesively happy, loves his two nicknames despite the fact that Ellsworth named him like that as a joke. A great listener but not much of a great fighter.

Level 11. Tangled Feet. Gust, Growl, Sand-Attack.


Carmelita Ponce de León (F)
A being filled with nothingness. Barely moves at all, making it hard to guess it it's actually awake. For that matter, does it actually have eyes?

Level 10. Sturdy. Tackle, Defense Curl


Shutter (M)
A noisy parrot that loves to talk and steal things, sometimes... at the same time. It always says 'Shut Up', just because.

Level 14. Big Pecks. Gust, Chatter, U-Turn

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