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Lol I like Togekiss. But that's just an opinion on my part.

Some Gen 4 Pokemon didn't appeal to me too much, one being Vespiquen. They made it sexist; males can't evolve. I know it was based on real honey bees, but that's ridiculous. I guess some could say male Beedrill can be considered a "male" counterpart for it, but that's very unlikely.

I also don't understand Timburr and it's evolutions. Conkeldurr is weird looking. Timburr is cute as it is, but Gurdurr (Gurderp hehe) looks like a clown with its huge nose. We could have gotten three new Eeveelutions instead of these.

And, no thanks to a friend of mine, Hypno are creepy and ugly to me now.

Trubbish and it's evolved form... We already have Muk and Grimer. Even though I love Serperior, they got rid of Snivy and Servine's "legs"... I was a little disappointed by that. The design is nice, but it would have been very nice to have it still on legs, and it could have been a Grass/Dragon type if it was done that way, just a thought.

And Tepig's evolutions could have used a Ground typing as its second type. Fighting is overused. I can understand Blaziken and Infernape, Infernape the most as monkeys tend to get violent and fight at times if provoked, but a fighting pig is just pointless. However, I still like Emboar anyway.

I also agree about the kami trio; what was the point? Gen 5 have like 3 sets of trios: Kami, Tao and Musketdeers. (Well, they can be called a quad, but still!)