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Okay! Sorry for the long response-time to your SUs, I was busy being handcuffed on my bed. Oh god that sounds wrong...

In any case, let's move on shall we?

@Vato: Really good SU my good sir, you can consider yourself canadian, err I mean ACCEPTED!

@PkmnRangerJ: Good! You fixed the majiggies in your SU, so you're good to go! AAAACCEPTED!

@Fuyu: Hah! That SU made me laugh with joy and entertainment! As always, I find your characters amusing so you are of course ACCEPTED!

@Genevieve: It says that the attatchment isn't functioning anymore. But you can just VM or PM me a picture/description and I'll accept you.

@heterostay123: You had written "letter-number-letter-letter-number-number" when it was "letter-letter-letter-number-number-number" so it's EXTREMELY minor. But you had gotten the idea, so don't stress it.
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