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Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
I'm not going to be picky about tiles or looks here since you've decided to go with the default FireRed tiles. I just have to say that the mapping could be a little bit more... splendid. I do have a couple questions though:

- Can you catch the 3 legendary dogs?
- So the whirlpool islands have been ruralized?

I do love the idea, it will be interesting to see how you've pulled it off.
Mapping isn't my strong point, sorry about that.

Yep, you can catch the three legendary dogs but they're sort of hard to find (except Raikou). You can also catch Celebi in Ilex Forest once you have a certain TM to reach it.

With the Whirl Islands, the BETA I have ready now lets you participate in the Whirl Cup for HM04. Ogi Isle, Scarlett City and Blue Point Isle are the only ones that have been ruralized. Red/Yellow/Silver Rock Isles all have hidden events on them.
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