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^This is my opinion on all of it.

My argument as to net losses for artists/companies/whatever is that for artists, if they're doing it for money, their completely missing the point of art. My father is an amazing painter and has 4 and a half years of college to show for it. Our house is filled with paintings that he all made. Did he make a dime off of any of it? No. He's is also a metal musician and is part of multiple bands. Do any of those bands make money off the countless hours of effort and thousands of dollars spent on instruments and recording software? Again, not at all.
As for corporate net losses, I'd rather not get started on how much petty greed they've displayed for their love of money, so I could give less than a crap about letting some billionaire starve.
I'm aware that there are many fascinating things beyond our human control and understanding.
I'm of the mind that if - for a moment - we stop trying to rationalize and classify what we interact with, that we may end up having more fun in our short lives than we ever thought possible.
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