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A secret hidden from you - Chapter 7

'Leave me alone!' Aisha stopped running away and pointed her guns at the two boys, one at Jaden and the other one at Khaos. It didn't take long for Eve, Zeke, Zane, Gloria and Jamie to arrive too.

'Aisha! Stop it!' Gloria shouted terrified, afraid she would shout at the two boys. 'We are not mad! Please stop this crap!' Jamie added, both tried to stop her but Aisha didn't listen. 'Aisha, darling, i'm not bad anymore, put that gun away?' Khaos sweated as he made a few steps. 'Stop talking like a ****head, Khaos.' Aisha warned him. 'Ha, i bet you don't even dare to shout at us.' Jaden putted his hands in his waists and showed her he wasn't afraid. Aisha loaded her gun and glared at both of them. 'Wanna bet, demon boy?' Aisha cracked her neck and faced Jaden, Jaden made a step.

"BANG!!!" Aisha's gun made a loud sound. Aisha had shouted forward Jaden's foot, he was just on time to take his foot back. 'Oohhh she does, Jaden...' Khaos took a few steps back. 'Are you scared for a girl, Khaos?' Zane snickered. 'There are three kind of girls, Zane.' Khaos begun. 'You have the nice girls, they are way too nice to even hurt anybody, you have the scary girls, they hurt you with pleasure, and then you have Aisha.' Khaos answered him.

'You guys ruined my life, thanks to you guys i can't even become my real selve again! I'm stuck in this fake body! And now you're trying to ruin my life here, on the ground, too?!' Aisha had both fingers on the triggers of her gun. 'Nooo! Don't shout!' Gloria screamed in fear. 'Wow, and i though Zane and Jamie were hot-heads.' Eve laughed.

'Sorry guys, it's over.' Aisha wanted to pull the triggers but got stopped by Gloria who had ran over to her super fast and smashed the guns out of her hand. 'Thanks to Khaos a demon didn't take us over! And thanks to Jaden we are still all alive!' Gloria told her. 'Please... Stop this...' Gloria's eyes were shining because of the tears as she holded Aisha's hands together. Aisha looked back at her, and then at Jamie. 'Sorry...' Aisha turned away and pulled her hands back.

'Sorry that you had to find out what i really am, like this...' Aisha turned her back to her and walked away. 'Where are you going...?' Jamie asked her softly. 'I've got to resume my mission, alone...' Aisha started running again but got stopped when she bumped into Jaden's chest. 'Your friends risked their lives to find you, they overcame their biggest fear just so they could see you again, and you're leaving them like this?' Jaden spoke to her, Aisha immediately jumped away from him but she did felt guilty. 'Don't leavveeeee!!!' Gloria glomped her and cried, Jamie joining too. 'Aw whatever, make place for me!' Eve joined the group hug too.

'No way that i'm going to hug that *****.' Zane crossed his arms and looked disgusted at her, like he was looking at something he totally despised. Zeke sighed and smiled at the group, ignoring the rude words his little brother had said.
Aisha sighed as she placed both her hands on the heads of her two best friends. 'You guys... Really aren't mad...?' Aisha asked them. 'Ofcourse we aren't! I mean... We can understand you didn't tell, if i would have a mission like that i would keep it secret at first too.' Jamie told her.

'Then i'll stay i guess...' Aisha rubbed the back of her head feeling a little embaressed. 'Aww man! Can't you just run away again?!' Zane spitted out, making everyone look at him.

When everyone let go of each other Aisha walked over to Zane and Zeke. 'I believe we made a bad start back there, i am Aisha, nice to meet you.' Aisha tried to be nice. 'Not nice to meet you, get out of my sight little pest...' Zane snarled at her. 'Please don't mind my little brother, hehe.' Zeke quickly apologized. 'I'm Zeke, and this hot-head here is my little brother Zane.' He pointed at the boy with the hat. 'And i'm Eve!' Eve shouted cheerfully.

'Happy ending~' Khaos wanted to hug everyone but Aisha dead glared him again. 'That you helped out my friends doesn't mean i trust you...' Aisha cleared up. 'Same goes for you, demon boy.' Aisha faced Jaden who was only grinning. 'I had expected that, i mean... I don't trust you at all either.' Jaden said to her. 'Hmm?' Aisha coldly stared at him.

'C'mon, Khaos might like you, in a friend-way ofcourse, but that doesn't mean i have to, right? I'm sorry to say this but i don't like you for one bit, better said.' Jaden faced the blonde girl with his coldest glare.

'I despise people like you.'

'Guys~ how about we go home and get some rest?' Khaos quickly suggested before there would break a fight between Aisha and Jaden, even though this was getting interesting. 'Good idea! Let's go Aisha!' Jamie started sweating only looking at the two and pulled Aisha away. 'Jaden, you're coming?' Khaos asked him. 'Yeah, yeah...' Jaden sighed and slowly followed them.

Aisha ignored the words Jaden had said, but somehow, she didn't fell comfortable with these words too. They walked back to Eve's hideout in the forest. 'It's pretty big here, for a tree...' Aisha commented as she looked around. From the outside the tree looked big, but from the inside the tree looked even bigger. Everyone walked to the sleeping place and made ready to get some rest, even though it was not known what their destination would be from now.

'Good night everyone.' Aisha said quietly as she layed down on the matrass and pulled a blanket over her. 'Good night~' Jamie and Gloria happily answered. 'Night.' Khaos took his laptop and sat down in a corner and used the headphone Zeke had given him.

Aisha took a look around, only to find out that Zeke and Zane had fallen asleep already. Aisha closed her eyes and tried to sleep too.
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