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Quote originally posted by Yuoaman:
Come on, Ho-oh 112, we shouldn't have to play these games anymore. I thought we had moved past this. You disappoint me, son.
I was seeing who here can tell the difference, looks like at least you have that perspective.

although those are my only accounts.

Quote originally posted by Flameguru:
Looks a little similar to something I made years ago

You didn't post any code so I have no idea what all you've actually changed from my engine besides the color of the positioning font.

All of the listed bugs I have fixed in my latest version but I have not updated the source on Google Code in a long time nor do I plan to.

Good luck, I grew tired of working on my Java Engine a long time ago and I'd love to finish it but I'm just far too busy these days.

nothing, it's all mine except the graphics and some small amounts of code.

Also I have fixed all my bugs too.
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