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hlo nica,

only rating because you asked! firstly, don't use defensive cm gardevoir - that's honestly misusing it, imo. it's not going to be taking any physical abuse well (sawk still 2HKOes it with close combat after SR, among many other things) and it's generally not as useful in the long run because gardevoir can't simply sit there and boost up while people try to break it down. if you want to use a set like that, you should be using musharna, but you already said you don't want to. use subcm offensive gardevoir (4 hp / 252 spa / 252 spe) instead with signal beam > shadow ball. signal beam lets you hit both dark and psychic-types for super-effective damage although it does leave you with nothing for steel-types.

i actually really really dislike coil eelektross but if it's working for you, then that's fine. i wouldn't say that you're weak to regigigas (because regigigas is garbage) but instead shoot the underlying issue: bulky substitute users. they set up on alomomoongus and probopass and emboar locked into the wrong move and then just go to town on the rest of your team. it's something that's next to impossible to fix without replacing half of your team, but be wary.

amoonguss's ev spread should be 252 hp / 252 def. there's very little reason for it to invest in spD when you're still 2hkoed by stuff like gorebyss ice beam without the hp investment. don't use clear smog; amoong is a very poor user of it because it's so slow, and everything can hit it with a boosted attack before it gets the chance to haze away the boosts. i'd use stun spore or synthesis instead, depending on your preference. you could even use hp ice if you wanted.

not sure why you didn't use skuntank (although i wouldn't use that ev spread), especially if you're having trouble with psychic-types. instead you added another pokemon that has difficulty with psychic-types, which is somewhat mind-boggling for me, but okie dokie then. i'd like you to give skuntank another go with a spread of 20 hp / 252 atk / 232 spe @ adamant and pjab > crunch. it's easily the best way to deal with psychic-types in the tier, and actually somewhat reliably deals with haunter, cinccino, misdreavus, and opposing amoonguss with taunt + sucker punch + pursuit. also, always use leftovers on it. to help against amoonguss, you can replace dragon tail on eel with substitute - amoong will never break your sub with a 252 hp / 252 spD careful spread, and you can boost up to your heart's content. you are walled by golurk though, but that can be killed with skuntank.