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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
That's kinda impossible since you cannot release yourself AFAIK (at least in DS versions since you stay as main character everytime) so I think rule 5 is useless.
I wouldn't name this Nuzlocke... since true Nuzlocke simply cannot be done in PMDs... As I said, you cannot release yourself which kills the Nuzlocke feeling...
Challenge is interesting but as I said, since you cannot release yourself, nor can you "deposit" him/her at the start of your journey and some story dungeons REQUIRE you to go there with your MC and partner.
By rule 5 I mean you cannot use your starter or partner when you complete the main storyline such as beating Dialga in PMD explorer of Sky/Time/Darkness. I have also made a rule that if Starter/Partner dies 3 times before you complete the main storyline, then it is game over. If it is too hard I will edit the rule to 2 reviver seeds per dungeon.
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