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Victoria tried to reassure Kelsey that it was "just a scratch". She wanted to believe that, but it was obvious the injury was much worse than just a scratch. Victoria must have not wanted the others to worry, but she was doing a bad job of it. Also, another thing she noticed was the way Victoria's eyes lit up upon seeing her. It made Kelsey's heart leap. Maybe she was just imagining it?

Kelsey couldn't help but feel silly at the fact that she cared so much about a girl that she had met so recently. Maybe she just wanted to feel close to someone, but Kelsey couldn't help but wonder if she truly just wanted a friendship out of Victoria. It was unfortunate, really, because Kelsey knew that the chances of someone who was bisexual like her, or perhaps a lesbian, washing up on this island with her was slim to none. Crush or not, perhaps it was best to keep her feelings to herself. However, was it really a crush, or was she just extremely lonely?

Everything that happened next happened so fast. It was like time sped up right before Kelsey's eyes. First, Victoria joked around with Vincent, with a thin, translucent smile on her face. She then walked a bit closer to her, making Kelsey's cheeks turn just a bit pink. Before she knew it, Victoria's voice became weaker as she thanked everyone, followed by her collapse.

As she fell, she grabbed onto Kelsey's arm, perhaps out of desperation. It caused her to quickly fall to her knees as the girl next to her dropped. Soon, all the color drained from her cheeks, that were just rosy moments prior.

"Oh... oh no..." Kelsey's voice was strained and shaky. "Victoria! No!" She had no clue what to do. With panic in her eyes, she hoped that someone else would help.
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