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What are your favorite and least favorite Pokèmon's that were introduced in RSE?


- Sceptile is probably my favorite 3rd gen Pokemon. It's my favorite grass type of all time probably and I always start off with it. It also has some really good Speed and Special Attack.

- I love Blaziken, especially in the newer generations, because of it's new Speed Boost Ability. It has incredible attack and special attack, plus it learns really good moves.

- Gardevoir is hands down the best Psychic type that you can catch in RSE. It learns really good moves and it's the probably one of the best special attackers you can get. Another good thing about Gardevoir is that you can get Ralts early in the game.

- Even though Slaking has a really garbage ability : Truant, I think that if you can use it right it's an absolute monster. I taught it Hyper Beam, because of the fact that the hyper beam's recharge won't even matter because of it's ability. It has extremely high Attack, and Hyper Beam almost always kills in one hit, so then you can switch into another Pokemon. I also kind of like it's design too.

- Aggron has two really good abilities - Sturdy and Rock Head. Which are extremely helpful for this Pokemon. It can spam double edge's and it won't get hurt at all. It has very high Defense and it's attack is decent. The only downside to this Pokemon is that it's really slow though. It also has one of the coolest designs and it's type is pretty unique.

- Milotic in my opinion is definitely worth the time and effort you have to put into getting it. It learns some really good level up moves like Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Recover, Safeguard. It also learns good TM moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard which are useful against Dragon types. It's Special Defense is also really good, it can survive at least two or sometimes even three thunderbolts. It has decent defense but it's ability Marvel Scale boosts it by 50% if it's suffering from a status ailment, like Paralysis or Burn. The only thing I hate about Milotic is the fact that it's a pain to find a Feebas and to evolve it into a Milotic. But once you do it pays off.

- Salamence is probably one of the best Pokemons available from all 5 Generations. It has a good ability Intimidate, but in 5th Gen it gets one of the best abilities available : Moxie, which boosts Salamence's attack after it KO's a Pokemon. It has really good attack, plus it's also a good mixed attacker. The only downside to Salamence is that you get it really late, because Bagon is available after you get Waterfall.

- Metagross's attack is equal to Salamence's attack. It has a unique typing : Psychic/Steel. It learns very good TM moves in 3rd gen : Earthquake, Shadow Ball. At level 55 it gets its signature move : Meteor Mash which does a lot of damage but is pretty inaccurate. It has good Defense as well. Only downside to Metagross is that you get it after you beat Steven, because he gives you a Beldum. And Beldum can only use Take Down.

Least Favorite

- What can I say? Linoone has terrible stats. It learns one good move from leveling up : Belly Drum. Just to make it usable you have to waste TM's on it. Even then it sucks. Only useful thing about it is Pickup.

- Masquerain has one of the ugliest designs from any Generation. It's typing is really horrible. It has below average stats, it just doesn't learn any good level up moves.

- Nosepass is absolutely useless. It's one of the slowest Pokemons, and all of it's stats except for Special Defense and Defense are below 50. It learns really horrible level up moves. In Gen IV it gets a evolution which is not as bad as Nosepass. Probopass has really high Special Defense and Defense but it's still slow, and has crap offensive stats. It also has a really bad design.

- Relicanth has four weaknesses and it has a really bad typing : Rock/Water. It's pretty bulky though. The moves it learns from leveling up are not that good. The only use I find with Relicanth is to use it as an HM Slave for the Regi puzzles.
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