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Anyone mind if I start a new topic in here? c:

If all the feline & canine Pokémon had a battle royal, which Pokémon would win? Which would lose? Make sure you discuss each other's answers! n.n

As for me, I think Glameow would win. It'd just eat the others tbh, and a Body Slam from that huge sack of cat is not something you'll ever come out well from >.> As for the loser, that's a bit tougher... I think I'll have to go with Purrlion, just because it's generally a very weak Pokémon. It strikes me as a Pokémon that'd try to trick the other Pokémon to make them fight for it, but I don't think it'll be able to do that effectively till it evolves so it'll just get wiped out very quickly. :3
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