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Oh god that sounds awful. I remember having to work 10 days in a row once, that was terrible enough - I can't imagine having to work 7 days a week on a more permanent basis.

And @AzaleaLightning, I've had customers like that before. They make your blood boil but you have to just smile through it. The thing I love about this club is getting angry on behalf of everybody else haha.

So last night I had my first rude customer for a while. I served him and somehow I managed to charge him for three sixpacks and he only bought one (don't ask me how, I honestly couldn't tell you). So he came back in for a refund and I put it through and gave him his money back and he decided after I'd given him the money that I wasn't apologetic enough and stood there lecturing me about manners. He was talking down to me and being very rude so when he demanded an apology I just looked at him and said "...right." and then moved onto the next customer.

He started to walk out of the store in a huff when my sister (who was at the register next to me) said to him "There's no need to be nasty". So then he turned on his heel and started on her about how I was rude so I just turned to him and said "IT WAS A MISTAKE!" probably a little louder than I should have. Then he left.

The customer I served after him said he needed to take a chill pill, which made me feel better haha. I probably should have apologised, but when he started talking to me that way I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

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