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Originally Posted by EpicJackman View Post
Just search on Google, click on "Microsoft Visual Basic," and then find , "How To create an Installer With Microsoft Visual Studio." Sorry, I can't post links until I have 15 posts.
Okay. Thank you for the help. I'll do that now.

UPDATE: I have good news and bad news. However, Please read this whole post in detail because it explains some shocking things about the software I've tried...

Good News: I did it! I completed the first version of the installer! I didn't use Visual Basic though. That was going to be too complicated, so I was reading a post made on some forum by a disgruntled InstallShield* user who said InstallShield* was rubbish. Anyways, he linked to a good alternative which turned out to be way easier and better than InstallShield* It's called Inno Setup 5 and you can get it here, FOR FREE. This is surprising because it offers more features than InstallShield Premier which costs £2,849!!!!!!!!!!!! (More than $3,000!!!!!!)

Bad News: The installer is ready, but the game is not. During the past two days, I have been working so much on a way to distribute the alpha. Because of this, I haven't made any progress on the game and we're still looking at about another 1 or 2 weeks before the actual alpha release.

If you REALLY want to try the current version, PM me and you can become some of the first beta testers. You will be able to get hold of each release before anyone else, but you will need to write a bug report for every release. So PM me and I will explain your tasks and give you a download link.

*InstallShield is the better version of the Visual Basic installer template. It is still used via Visual Basic but is better than the default installer tools. Despite this, it's still crap.
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