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For me none of them were actually a challenge because of the team I had but I'd say Koga was the hardest.
I had Mankey take out Brock because I picked Charmander.
I knew Misty uses Water so I did the smart thing and caught me an Oddish.
Surge wasn't really an issue because I caught a Sandshrew and taught it Dig.
Erika was super easy because I had a Charizard by then.
Koga was annoying because I had an Gloom, Charizard, Vaporeon, and Sandslash. Weezings damn Levitate ability made it so hard.
Sabrina wasn't that difficult cuz I used Charizard with its increddible Attack and took advantage of her Pokemons weak Defense.
Blaine was easy cuz of Vaporeon
Giovanni was easy too because of Vaporeon.

I didn't really have that many problems because I had an awesome team that I loved, in the end this is what I had. This is during Elite Four.

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