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I was so excited about Black and White. I did tons of research just trying to decide which version I was going to get first. I unfortunately couldn't get Black on the release date. I had sort of promised myself to not buy the games until the end of the year so that I wouldn't get distracted from Uni work, but I couldn't stop myself, and plus I wanted to get Black so that I wouldn't miss out on the Zoroark event later on.

My adventure started on October 8 last year. And when I first stepped out onto Route 1, I was just amazed at how beautiful and amazing Unova looked. Through my 10 day journey beating the main story, that feeling never vanished. Even now I still am in awe of how amazing Skyarrow Bridge is. And when I first saw Castelia City... I saw just how fantastic this game was going to be.

Ahh, those days of playing Black all day long until I went to sleep... ^-^
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