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Welcome to le new members! Thanks for joining...

So, yeah, my answer is-

I think it's totally true! I mean, Butterfree is so puffy and large in its body type, and Venomoth is slim, with thinner wings, abdomen, even antennae. Add that to all the evidence, and we have a totally plausible theory!

Because we brought this up, what about Psyduck and Golduck? It has been speculated that their names were switched, and it makes a TON of sense. Psyduck is YELLOW, and Golduck has PSYCHIC POWERS. I totally believe that.

Also, just thought I'd mention that to post your opinion, you need to join the club first. Basically, that means don't spam :D

And EQUALSGAMER- Are you referring to the Creepypasta known as "Quilava Is Mourning?" Because that's the only one that comes to mind when you say that.