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Originally Posted by Kaisar View Post
As I stated I'm his little brother...I cost him several of his infractions leading to his bans. He knows of 2 so keep it as that....

He says i can run his shop in his departure since we play the same games..
He doesnt say much of me becauses he is really dont like to talk much bout me only thing we havve in common is pizza and pokemon.
So im glad here i only wish i could add my bro......

PS Im not as random as you think im salad
Hi Kaisar, it's Hikari.

I know your brother, he used to be on my contacts list though. I know how hard it is, cos I have a little brother as well and he annoys me to heck.

Anyways, remember to read the rules or contact a moderator.

Have a fun time here, OK?

- Hikari10
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