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PC taught me not to worry so much about what people might think of me, to be honest. Before I joined, I used to make posts and instantly regret saying something/edit the post because I thought it made me seem stupid; this happened so often to the point where it was just unhealthy. I pretty much put on a mask just so I didn't seem incompetent, but thankfully I'm long over that.

Before I got modded, I used to be scared I'd make silly or wrong decisions as a mod that would embarrass me or something, admittedly. I don't feel that way anymore and am much more confident in doing mod duties. :3 I think I'm lucky that I got modded to a section on my own, because it helped my confidence a bit since I was put into a scenario where I had to make my own decisions. Don't get me wrong, it's lovely to have a partner you can lean on when you need to, but going solo was really what I needed to work on being more confident in myself. XD;

aaalso I somewhat broke out of my shyness zone. I'm still shy, but dropping messages off on people's profiles doesn't scare me as much~

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