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Quote originally posted by OleGenerico:
Hey everyone, you'll have to excuse me as I don't know if this is the right forum but I had a few questions about some cards I've scavenged. I wanted to know the value of the cards below, I've done some general research but want some expert opinions before I list them on Ebay, thank you ahead of time and again apologies if this is the wrong forum!
I'll get around to these within the next day or so.

Quote originally posted by Pudd:
Hi, I have about 3000 regular cards (plus a handful of possible rares) from the first series of pokemon cards. Could you tell me a rough estimate for selling in bulk please?
I need more details than that. How many are 1st edition cards?

Quote originally posted by folksychipmunk:
Clefairy (Heart Misprint)
Base Set
Not First Edition or Shadowless, but there is a red heart with a circle around it above the name. this is an obvious misprint and i've yet to see another card like it.

(sorry for resolution)

I have not seen anything on this anywhere. I wonder if it was a marking done by QC at Wizards. Was this the only rare in the booster you pulled it from? It may not be a misprint if it was pulled from a repackaged booster. It looks like a heart stamp done separately from the printing process for the rest of the card, as its color doesn't seem to match the color of the HP text.

Quote originally posted by garfieldkitty:
Hi there! First time seller, long time player of pokemon trading card game.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me please? I have a unopened first edition pack of 11 neo-revelation pokemon cards, does anyone know how much that's likely to be worth? Thanks for any help :)
Between $10 and $15, based on how much a booster box sold for.

Quote originally posted by aquavi:
Hey, I have a Japanese card from the Skyridge set that I'm having trouble pricing... not sure if the jp ones go for more/less than English ones? Anyway here is a high res photo, had no luck searching my the # but maybe I'm just slow...
$7 to $9 is what the English one goes for, so, if I had to guess, probably $5 to $7 for the Japanese version, though I've found a few more obscure sellers that are listing it for $11, since the major sellers tend to not bother selling Japanese cards.

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